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The King of Cane Garden

November 15, 2019

THE KING OF CANE GARDEN is a Memoir. The author is candid about his life’s experiences. It depicts the arc of life from the most humble of beginnings to the heights of educational and business success to the overcoming of severe challenges, and the achieving of spiritual growth and family consolidation in a complicated social and economic milieu.


The King of Cane Garden

My Life and Times from Teacher Boy to the Corporate Heights and Depths


About Irvine Weekes

After leaving rural Barbados in his teens, Irvine Weekes began an odyssey of adventurous education and employment perhaps unmatched by West Indians of the 20th Century. Armed with indefatigable optimism and faith in his survival instincts he would serve variously as a child teacher, policeman, psychiatric nurse trainee, research economist, bond portfolio manager, MBA financial executive, corporate head of several major Caribbean brands, livestock magnet, real estate agent, taxi entrepreneur,  waiter, tow truck company owner/manager and financial adviser among other pursuits.

A man of uncommon wit, inventiveness and energy, Weekes brings to life the anticolonial struggles waged for Caribbean nationhood, the formation of the Canadian social-democratic identity and his role at ringside (sometimes in the ring) with many of the key characters of each drama. Part love story, career adventure, and purpose-seeking travel log, The King of Cane Garden is an unvarnished and raw yet thoughtful account of the West Indian experience abroad, the randomness of career achievement, the transcendent nature of life long learning and the universality of our chances at redemption.


February, 2015

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT is a series of 28 Short Stories recalling the observations and experiences of the author between age four and age thirteen. It is a search for identification with children of the African Diaspora, and cultural experiences especially for displaced colonials to share with progeny born and growing up outside our ancestral cultures.

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