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A problem meant for Solomon, but there are no Solomons around anymore.

It is dehumanizing to view the treatment being meted out to the unfortunate Haitians on the Texas/Mexican border. The treatment meted out to Central Americans and Mexicans on a continuing basis is no less draconian, but this new technique of equestrian assault is like the execution of a perfected practice swing, in competitive usage.

We cannot deny that the defense of its borders is the right of a sovereign nation, but a developed and self-assured nation ought to be able to exercise its sovereignty without loss of respect and face. The USA ought by now to be sophisticated enough to identify a policy to address the Border Assault problem.

There is no evidence that we are being proactive. When the hordes turn up on our southern border we react, with walls, horses, police car barriers, and God knows what else, and yet they come.

Rational folks know that when a problem persists in the face of treatment applied to stop it, one changes treatments or tactics. It is clear that no matter how we ill treat crashers of the southern border, no matter how we try to dehumanize them, they continue to come. Could it be that the motivation to escape their homeland is much stronger than the dehumanization they will eventually face on the way to, and eventually at the US border? This seems to be the case.

If a rational person feels that his person, home and family are reasonably safe and protected in his country, that he has the opportunity to earn a decent living, to educate himself and his offspring, that he is reasonably safe from thugs on the street in Jeans, and thugs in private and government offices in suits and ties, that he has an opportunity to move up the social ladder, that he can enjoy a little back-yard party with his friends occasionally, that person is not in any hurry to face the challenges of crashing the US southern border.

The offending countries have thugs in white collars and thugs in no collars, and masses ready to produce simple products cheaply. We have an insatiable appetite for consumer products, the money to buy them, the entrepreneurial and managerial skills and money to own, run, and train others to run the necessary factories, and we have excess military and administrators to run the source countries and to put the thugs under manners.

Does it sound like a war? Do you think that our borders are under attack? What did we do in Iraq? What did we do in Afghanistan? We spent over three trillion dollars in Afghanistan, and trillions more in Iraq, to what avail? Thousands of less threatening folks overseas are employed producing low tech goods for us, why can’t we shift some manufactures. The factories are using our designs and our drawings, and we have a lot of under employed military.

And remember, the US under President Wilson sent the Marines into Haiti in 1914 and took full control of Haiti in 1915. We did not hand Haiti back to Haitian leadership until 1934. Most of us have no conception of the positive role Haiti played in the achievement of Independence by the USA, and the few who know that part of our history find no occasion worthy of its mention.

I fully recognize that I have only scratched the surface of the Policy suggestions and pitfalls in this topic. No wonder that our Charge’ d’affaires in Haiti has resigned. An honorable man.

Irvine Weekes.

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