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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

For the last six decades I have either been formally studying, following, discussing and sometimes participating in the development of government policy. I have had the good fortune of travelling throughout Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, and studying and working in the latter two areas. I have met and talked with the Chief Ministers or Prime Ministers of many Caribbean countries and Canada, and many of the business leaders of these regions. For the past thirty years I have lived in the USA and have been learning new coping skills as I negotiate the challenges of being a member of a minority race.

I believe that I have something to contribute to the understanding of human relations and social development, and I would welcome an opportunity to do this through my Blogs. I have one published book: FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT, which is available on AMAZON.COM. The stories are short and sweet, but my Blog will be more currently topical and will cover a wider range of issues. I invite you to follow me.

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