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What a difference a month makes! It’s as though we are living in a different country, a different world since the change in Presidential Administrations took place in the US on January 20th.2021.

It feels like a great weight was lifted from our shoulders. A tenseness was removed from the atmosphere. The News is no longer hitting one up against the head, the President is no longer in your face every day with controversial policy remarks that were not pretested in off camera consultations with his advisors, the pundits on all sides are taking a breather, and the international scene is getting back to quiet assessment of challenges, rather than making on time responses to American Presidential remarks.

Alliances are being restrengthened. Withdrawals from international organizations are being quietly reversed. War policy is being reassessed. Covid 19 management has reintroduced the role of the scientist. Many domestic policy regulations set by Executive Order are being reversed. General public fear and despondency is gone. The public microphone has been dropped by irrationals.

The nation’s problems have not disappeared, nor have they been solved, but the approach to solutions has become much more sober and professional, much more cerebral, as befits a mature and leading nation. We no longer feel like there is a hidden agenda, as if there is something that the leadership wants that the people don’t want, domestically and internationally.

The world seems to be breathing gently and regularly again. It’s as though the Leader has returned to the Captaincy of the Team.

Irvine Weekes.

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