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This is not happening in the Middle East, or Eastern Europe, or Africa, or Latin America, or The Far East, but in the United States of America, in what we consider the strongest proponent and practitioner of the democratic craft.

What we are seeing unfold in real time is so weird and incongruous that we are afraid to call it what it is. That is, nothing more or less than a seditious act: aided, abetted, and ordered by the President himself.

How interesting it is that the Democracy which the insurgents sought to overthrow, provides within itself the mechanisms that offer rules and directions for the accused to defend themselves.

It will not be pretty. Participants on all sides will take seemingly untenable positions, often questioning credulity, but such is the nature of our rights.

It would help immensely if there should come forth especially out of the Republican ranks an orator who would crown himself with glory by repudiating the seditious acts of Republican politicians. Someone like a Lincoln, or a Disraeli, or a William Jennings Bryan, or perhaps a Mark Anthony. The nation cries out for a healer. He does not have to be an office seeker, just one of credible stature with a great voice and soothing rhetoric.

This would be a great time for a woman to step forward and crown herself with oratorical glory.

We now know that President Donald Trump has been impeached for the second time, a most ignoble and historic occurrence, and rightly so, for he has been the most dastardly representative of leadership power of anyone heading a democracy in the history of mankind. This is pretty heady language. But for a President of the United States of America to perfect the lie, obfuscate the issues, gain the confidence and support of arguably half the voting public, and then show disdain for democracy by trying to grab absolute power by turning his followers against the State that he is honor bound to defend, is nothing short of callous ignorance and a hubris justifying figurative mortal wounds.

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