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Senator Warnock faces a Runoff election for Senator from the State of Georgia for the second time in two years. What a price to have to pay for the honor of becoming a United States Senator. It’s hard enough to present your case for election but facing a Runoff afterwards must drain one to a point of mental exhaustion.

Herschel Walker should have the physical advantage here, for after all he is or has been a very good athlete, and he still looks in excellent physical shape. Mr. Walker also has an ace that Dr. Warnock does not have, that is the two hundred thousand and more voters that voted for Governor Barnes that did not vote for him, both candidates are Republican, and they were both on the same ballot. Will the good governor of Georgia ask those voters to come out and vote for Mr. Walker, at least as a sign of Republican solidarity.

Politics make such strange bedfellows. One would think that Mr. Walker is such a sinner that there was no way for him to garner the votes of the Religious Right but that has not been the case. It would not be farfetched to state that it was convincingly demonstrated that Mr. Walker has been a fornicator, a wife abuser, someone who has threatened his wife with gun violence, a serial liar, a deadbeat dad, an accomplice to abortion, in essence a highly flawed man.

Mr. Walker does not fit the criteria that most of us have in mind for our Senator. We keep thinking of a Sam Nunn, or a Richard Russell Jr., or a Johnny Isakson, or a William Fulbright or a Barry ,Goldwater, or Linden Johnson, or at least someone who has a grasp of issues and would be capable of making cogent arguments on behalf of his State. Unfortunately the candidate most capable of speaking up for the State of Georgia and who finished first in the General Election, Dr. Warnock, has a little less going for him in the Runoff Election in December. Intellect, decency, analytical ability, and basic candidate quality score few high points in today’s politics. One’s sure vote in the Congress trumps all other considerations. Dr. Warnock has all these factors to contend with, plus his opponent is the most outstanding College Football Star ever produced in Georgia. But that is why we play the game. Pundits may talk and promote, intellectuals will propose all kinds of theories in support of their candidate, but the rubber hits the road on the playing field.

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