It is a dastardly thing to do and a dastardly man who would conspire with associates and colleagues to steal the treats so painstakingly collected and placed under the Christmas tree.

The people have been waiting all year for something to rejoice about, some gift no matter how small, some token to remind them that they are loved and highly favored, and in the midst of the season of love the Grinch has placed himself.

Just when you think you are beginning to know and understand the USA, comes a new twist to remind you that it takes a lifetime of reading and research and discussion before you can claim even a cursory understanding of the intricacies of the US Constitution and it’s intent.

Most of us I dare say have heard of The Electoral College, and many of us have considered it a benign wart, just a harmless add on. I believe that most Americans would have held the view up to and shortly after November 3rd. 2020, that the legal votes of the general public when counted would determine who would be their President for the ensuing four years. We now know differently.

I had a very provocative professor of political science in Canada sixty years ago who reminded my American Government Class that the ‘Founding Fathers’ never intended that as great a power as electing the President of the USA should rest solely in the hands of the masses. (My wise guy classmates talked about the ‘unwashed masses’.) Consequently the Founding Fathers devised and set in process a sequence of challenging hurdles to test or verify, challenge, and even change the intent of the people’s vote.

Except for one or two occasions we have operated on an honor system in our politics. You lose and you withdraw. Always with a well-crafted concession speech.

This time it’s different. The Grinch who would steal Christmas has arrived.

Irvine Weekes.

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